Data Science Bootcamp

with an introduction to data engineering

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In-person or online practical data science bootcamps designed for working professionals and flexible schedules.

Why Data Science Dojo?

Because our training programs focus on developing real skills

Comprehensive curriculum

Hands-down the best data science curriculum in industry. Learn how to leverage data science and data engineering for business impact.

Experienced instructors

Our instructors are also practicing data scientists. You will hear first-hand accounts of war-stories from actual projects and best practices.

Verifiable certificate

Upon successful completion of the training, you will be receiving a verifiable data science certificate from The University of New Mexico (7 CEUs).

R, Python, Azure, AWS ...

We are a vendor and technology neutral data science training. The trainings are primarily conducted in R and Python with exercises in Azure and AWS.


Data Science Dojo is consistently ranked as a top data science bootcamp globally. Check out our video reviews and our reviews on SwitchUp and CourseReport.

Trusted by industry

We have trained more than 5000 working professionals from 1500+ companies. Leading companies trust us for their data science training needs.

Flexible offerings

Whether you prefer a one-week in-person data science bootcamp or a 16-week live online data science training, we have you covered.

Office hours

We are invested in your success. For our 16-week, remote data science training, we offer daily office hours. We ensure that no attendee is left behind.

Online learning

Our online learning platform contains a large number of video tutorials, R/Python Jupyter notebooks and more resources so you continue to learn.

Career support, internships and job guarantee.

Yes, our Practicum package is meant for job seekers and career-changers. Practicum attendees get the following additional benefits

Career support

We will help you build your resume, data science profile (git repository, online tutorials, and blogs) and offer career placement services

Data science internship

If you sign up for Practicum, you will Work alongside our data scientists in sales, marketing, customer understanding and professional services teams after you complete the training.

Job guarantee with ISA

When you sign up for Practicum program with ISA (Income Sharing Agreement), you don't pay anything until you find a job. If you are unable to find a job, the training is free.

Build your data science profile

We will help you build your resume, data science profile (git repository, online tutorials, and blogs) and offer career placement services

Does a 5-day format work?

Our instructors are also practitioners who understand what actually matters in the real-world.

We emphasize on the right place of best practices of data, model building, defining metrics, evaluation, parameter tuning, storytelling, and actionable insights in the entire data science pipeline.

We focus on what matters – minus the hype.

Trusted by more than 1500 companies globally

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Each discount tier (20%, 15%, 10% and 5% off) has a limited number of seats

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