Data Science Training +
Industry Experience

Not having any industry experience is the most common challenge cited by
potential job seekers. We will give you the industry experience that you need.
Apply now for our data science training and internship program.

Practicum is a unique approach to data science learning that blends in-class learning with real-world experience. Once you finish your 16-week training, you will work as a data scientist trainee at Data Science Dojo. We will help you build your data scientist profile, conduct mock interviews and help apply for open data scientist positions.

The Process


16-week immersive learning experience

Attend our top-rated data science training for 16-week and learn what is needed to succeed in a data scientist role.

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Online bootcamp

Practical Experience

Work as data science trainee

Work alongside with other members of the data science team on real-world projects. Learn not just data science but also the other skills that differentiate practitioners from everyone else.

Career Support

Get help in finding a job 

Build your data science profile. (git repo. , tutorials, & blogs)

Mock interview with real data scientist to get you prepared for the real world

Apply for jobs & land your dream job!

10 career tracks to choose from

During the first week of your 12-week internship, you will choose a career track and finalize your learning roadmap. Just like our other data scientists, you will attend meetings, use project management tools, send status reports, checking your code, build pipelines/dashboards and meet deadlines.

You will get the practical experience you need to find a job.

What technology stack will I learn?

Our data scientists and data engineers are not loyal to specific platform or tool. We use a combination of open source and paid tools for getting the job done. Take a look at some of the tools we use in our day-to-day work.

Tools & Environments

Cloud Platforms

Storage & Databases


CRM & Automation​





Career Support

While you learn practical skills as a data science trainee, we will also help you with your job search.

Interview preparation and mock interviews

By the end of the 12-week period, you will have a data science portfolio including some git repositories, public presentations, YouTube tutorials, and blogs

We will help you refine your resume and apply for jobs.

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What our customers say

At the end of the bootcamp, five days now, I definitely feel more aware of concepts, potential problems. I think the biggest value is the translation from the concepts to examples combined with an exercise, you have homework, and kind of trying to apply it. This gives some confidence to make a start, however small.
Learn Data Science-Harris-Alumni

Harris Thamby
IT Solution Manager

Learn Data Science-Microsoft Alumni Attendee
The instructors did such a great job of explaining the math in simple, iterations so I did not feel overwhelmed or lost. Their programming knowledge made learning R and the libraries associated with machine learning a breeze. It flowed in a manner which didn’t make me feel as if large details were cloudy.
Cody Morgan web

Cody Morgan
IT Dev. Manager

Highly valuable course condensed into a single week. Enough background is given to allow one to continue their learning and training on their own. Good energy from the instructors. It is clear that they have real industry experience working on problems.
Ben Gawiser web

Ben Gawiser
Software Dev. Manager

Data Science Bootcamp - Amazon Alumni Attendee




Frequently Asked Questions

No. We just help increase the chances of you getting hired. Besides giving you practical work experience, we will help you with interview preparation, conduct mock interviews and 1:1 mentoring sessions and help you build your data science portfolio.

This is a remote position.

Absolutely. However, we will not offer any travel, boarding, lodging allowance. We will also charge a one-time facilities fee of USD 1200 for the office space, computer and other office amenities.

No. But keep in mind that this is a real learn and work opportunity. We expect you to work for at least eight hours a day with at least 4 hours of overlap with working hours rest of the team based in Redmond, WA (Pacific Time Zone).

Believe us, we have a lot of work in every single track. While you will eventually end up working on multiple areas, you can only choose a single focus area.

Yes, practicum is meant for those who are committed to changing careers and provides a path to learn practical data science and analytics roles. The internship requires your 40 hours every week.

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